Screen Shots + ebsaga twitter!

Hey dudes, sorry I haven’t been updating this blog. Before I get in to my update, I’ll mention I made a twitter for ebsaga. Follow us and tell your pals!

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Hintmen’s Mani Drawings

Jon did some great old looking drawings of the Mani Mani statue, so I asked him to write a bit about it.

I had a great time doing the production design for EB Saga and working for Jeff Benson. It was both challenging and fun to create real life versions of what players find in the Earthbound/Mother2 game. Although I tried my best not to disappoint anyone, I’m sure I did, and it is to those people that I’m very sorry. Next time, though, you try and do it. It’s not easy, so I’m sorry, okay??

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Who’s that mystery man on the right?!


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EB Saga 5 – Day 1

August 17th, 2010. We spent most the day with Jon and Melissa as they created wild production design for day 2.

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The time has arrived

The day has come my friends. We’re about to start rolling on EB5.

This evening we’ll be going to a park to shoot part of ACT 1; I have no idea if this location is going to work effectively, and it’s got me worried.

The 18th (tomorrow) and the 19th we’ll be shooting in Jon’s basement, and there will be a live feed of the shoot starting at noon. We’re going to try and broadcast as much as we can during our shoots, and if people are interested, perhaps at the end of shooting days to talk about silly things. What do you think?


I have no idea what to expect with this movie right now. Here’s hoping for the best!

Gun. Fangamer. Tucson, AZ

The gun finally arrived, and I opened the package to quite a surprise too! There’s a large ding in the muzzle, which probably should have been mentioned in the ad as at least “cosmetic damage”, but oh well – I like it anyway, and we can just film around it.

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A Swerving Cop Ruins My Revision

I am currently in Simi Valley, CA. I’m at a friends house for the night while I make my way down to Tucson, AZ.¬†As I mentioned in my last post, I’m going to Tucson to meet up with Reid Young of Fangamer to discuss specifics on EB5. Continue reading ‘A Swerving Cop Ruins My Revision’

The T2i makes bathrooms look good, and money orders are crazy.

A few updates from the front lines.


Today I am hoping to have what I believe to be an almost final draft of the EB5 script. I think it’s a relatively funny and odd movie, but a lot of other people seem to think it is dark. At any rate, no one is complaining, because I guess it’s entertaining!

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A Trip to PAX East 2010

Back in April of this year I took a trip to Boston to attend PAX East 2010. The decision to go was relatively whimsical; I was speaking with Reid Young of Fangamer fame, and we realized in the absence of Steve Campos (Plo, for those of you are hip) and his video camera, we thought it’d be fun if I came with them to do some video work instead. So I went, documented as much as I could, and enjoyed myself walking around the city of Boston, as well as the convention itself.

I was going to be late to the convention, because I just happened to have school the day it starts. However, I managed to schedule my flight just hours after my biology final, so I was on my way as fast as possible.

I had no idea what to expect in terms of how I’d be interacting with people, because I don’t believe myself to be a representative of Fangamer. So I felt out of place for the most part during the beginning of the trip. So much happened, I’ll try to give you a general idea of my favorite events that transpired:

I got to finally meet a lot of people who I’ve only spoken with online. This includes (though certainly not limited to) DJKaton & Ozwalled of Radio PSI fame!

I was standing at the Fangamer booth, which at this moment was fairly unattended by the employees, and a young man came up to me. Since I have little to no knowledge about Fangamer products, I began to scrambling trying to look busy, attempting to avoid him inquiring about knowledge I don’t possess. However, he didn’t ask about Fangamer or any products, and instead asked if I was Jeff Benson. This was weird, because he said it in such a way as if he had known me for years. He introduced himself and told me that he actually found Fangamer/ as a result of finding EarthBound Saga on Youtube. Though this was just a small meeting between me and this other man, It certainly felt empowering. The planets had aligned in such a way, by him watching something I created, he was able to find Fangamer, and eventually compelled him to attend PAX East where I got to meet him. What a weird series of events!

I felt so honored to be in the presence of someone who appreciated such a special situation as much as I did. I had to get a picture with him. His name is Will.


Thanks Will.

Fangamer did a podcast while I was there, in which my voice was audible.

I got many cool pictures, here’s one I like.


I got some good footage, speaking of which, here is a video Steve edited together using the footage I shot.

All and all, it was a fun experience and I hope I get to go back again next year. Thank you Reid and Fangamer friends! I wish I could go to these things all the time.