EB Saga Reboot, Scripts, and Paula

Hello little EB Soggies! Sorry for my lack of update. These past few months have been filled with writing two scripts: EB Saga: 199X, and my first short horror film, The Nightmare Box.

My decision to reboot the saga wasn’t a passive one; I see opportunity to outline the entirety of the foreseeable series, such that once completed we may link the chapters together seamlessly to form an epic 5 hour EarthBound feature, (hopefully) with consistent themes and characters. However, this is a lifelong project for me, as I love EarthBound. The game has fueled a lot of my interest in pursuing film. Even at the age of five, I remember playing the game and thinking “someone has to adapt this!” But my resources, connections and film making knowledge were simply not in place. Yet, like many fans of the game, I still wanted to do it! So here I am, still just as naive as I stood at five years old but with a few more rocks in my head. So I’m creating this at all costs, both emotional and financial – As I feel the EarthBound community has been asking for a live action counterpart to the game for almost as long as a sequel to the game itself.

The beginning of the EarthBound story has been very fun to revisit: Many themes to explore, a lot of bizarre and interesting characters, and sprinkles of light hearted humor with a slightly heartbreaking undertone. Wow! EB: 199X may be my favorite in the series, but I always say that about whatever I’m working on at that moment. You’ll see what I mean! Eventually.

While I can’t give an exact release date yet, I can say that when the film is online, you’ll love it! That is a bold statement, very bold indeed. Perhaps I ought to not be so bold, but I am. Oh well! As far as I can tell, this chapter will be out (before the world ends) in 2012. Filming starts this summer.

In other news, everything we filmed for chapter 5 will now be included in the chapter 3 reboot. I HAVE found a new Paula! She’s perfect for the role, as far as I can tell at the moment. However, she lives very far away, and is a friend I’ve never really met before… I hope to one day change that, and I think she does too. But perhaps that’s too much information. Again, I can be very bold. Oh well!

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  • I’m very excited for this. As fond as I am of the old style EB Saga, Chapter 4 gave me a promising glimpse of how powerful and serious you guys are capable of making this. The first installment is full of so much powerful stuff, and I look forward to seeing that come alive. Know that your truest fans are behind you and appreciate your resolve. Here’s hoping the Chosen 4 (and all supporting actors) remain on board.

  • So if we translate 2012 into UbseyTime, then it’ll be more like 2013-2014.
    Nah – I’m really okay with whenever it’s finished. In any creative medium, rushing is usually bad. But then again, keeping schedules is still important otherwise you can lose you original foundations.

    It’s interesting to see the shift from ‘Sunday morning movie’ to ‘serious project’. It’s also going to be interesting to see Paula have character (unless you’re sticking with the original no-character Paula).

    This not-done-yet stage of anything is the most exciting for me, perhaps possibly more exciting and enjoyable than the final result. The anticipation, thoughts of possibility, all the big dreams, and all the directions everything can go in! I’m certain that whatever happens, I’ll enjoy the final result.


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