Screen Shots + ebsaga twitter!

Hey dudes, sorry I haven’t been updating this blog. Before I get in to my update, I’ll mention I made a twitter for ebsaga. Follow us and tell your pals!

So, I’ve been mighty busy balancing EB5 work and my personal woes. Generally during any EB Saga production I find myself temporarily thinking about a girl, and getting very distracted. Eventually I wind up finding the whole situation with her insignificant, and then press onward to finish the film!

Ever since EB Saga 3, this has been a motif during production for me. I’ve just begun to accept it as a phenomenon that cannot be stopped, and one that possibly even helps the film by the end. Because ultimately I think EB Saga’s story is about a guy who wants to be accepted (by a girl) without feeling like he has to save the world to get the affection he believes he deserves.

I guess you could say Ness is loosely based on my inner feelings. I would also say Jeff is based upon myself as well. Whatever! Here are some screen shots and photos.


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